Anderson Chester Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At OneLife

Anderson Chester, 38, was born in Trinidad and Tobago.
In addition to his experience in the traditional business, he has more than 10 years of network marketing experience, chiefly on the Caribbean islands: Trinidad and Tobago, but also Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados and St Maarten.
Chester moves mainly, although not exclusively, through these territories with a very clear mission.
This is what he had to say achieving one of the top ranks in his company – Blue Diamond- which he reached with $1 Million revenue in 1 month.
“After thirteen years in the MLM industry, my dreams are now becoming a reality.”
It’s strange to see how everything comes together at the right time.
Having made the decision fifteen month ago to be a part of OneLife literally changed my life. That one decision is the result of where I am today, and I am supremely thankful to God, my family, my team and my truly dedicated uplines and mentors Igor Alberts & Andreaa Cimbala for their never-ending support and faith in my dreams.
Attaining the rank of Blue Diamond in a company is something that has never been accomplished by someone living in the Caribbean. This achievement is not only a victory for me, it’s a victory for


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