Ivan Sorokin And Natalia Sorokina Achieve Premier Rank At Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. UDS Game is a flagship product of Global Intellect Service the company that has already established a firm position in the Russian and  international markets.
Behind the success of Global Intellect Service there is a great team – a team of passionate professionals.
Ivan Sorokin and Natalia Sorokina are business partners of Global Intellect Service and holders of the first-line position in the company management structure.
The Sorokins have been rewarded with
“The best partners of the year in Russia award”,
they are also honorary members of the Millionaires club of the company.
Natalia and Ivan present a board of Top leaders as they have already reached the highest levels and today they generously want to share their experiences
Ivan and Natalya have been in Global Intellect Service team since beginning. WQe have had a chance to talk to Natalia Sorokina. So, she has kindly told us about the main aspects of her business activities:
How long ago did you join the team and how did it happen that your life is closely linked to Global Intellect Service?
Natalia: CEO Viacheslav Ushenin was the one who told us about Global Intellect Service.
We do share his business vision and concepts. There is no doubt,


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