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Bulgarian Prosecutors Join In Anti-Money Laundering Operation Against OneCoin

According to an article in the Sofia Globe, a Bulgarian newspaper:
Bulgaria’s Special Prosecutor’s Office said on January 19 that it was involved in an international operation to neutralise a large-scale pyramid structure involving commercial fraud, multi-level marketing and money laundering through the creation and distribution of OneCoin.
OneCoin, which has an office in Sofia, describes itself as a virtual currency. In September 2016, it was the subject of a warning by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
A statement by the Prosecutor’s Office said that prosecutors and investigators from the Special Prosecutor’s investigation unit, as well as officers from Bulgaria’s directorate against organised crime and the State Agency for National Security, were involved in the international investigation.
This was on the basis of an international legal assistance order from the Prosecutor’s Office in the German city of Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) which had arrived in October 2017.

Representatives of Eurojust and Europol are actively involved in the execution of the court order, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

Bielefeld prosecutors had asked the Bulgarian authorities to carry out specific procedural and investigative actions on the territory of Bulgaria vis-à-vis the Bulgarian company “One Network Services” EOOD and its affiliates, including two Bulgarian women with German citizenship.
Investigators had identified the