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Igor Alberts Achieves $58+ Million In Life Time Earnings

Igor E. Alberts, born in the Netherlands, has recently completed 30 years in the MLM industry. He started his career in the largest network marketing company and after several opportunities finally found his home in the crypto currency market.
But Igor’s motivation goes beyond the ranks and figures. He has a lot to say about his current position in the industry, his vision, and his plans for the future:
“My dreams have always been more than about material things. Of course, having a good life where you can enjoy everything you like is something that almost nobody would refuse.
But I’ve always wanted more, and it’s something that over time has become more noticeable, more necessary and more evident.
Since I was little, I dreamt about being part of the great stories of humanity. I wanted to live in person one of those moments that you know will leave a mark in History, create change and shape the following generations.
I have been working in this industry for thirty years now, and in these thirty years, it has always been a great satisfaction for me to be part of it:
it is one of the few spots in this world where one can achieve their dreams,


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