ASEA Opens International Headquarters In Pleasant Grove

Asea executives lauded the company’s new Pleasant Grove headquarters building as a new foundation for the company’s future Monday.
“This building doesn’t represent a culmination, but a beginning for a new phase of growth,” said Jarom Webb, Asea president.
Webb and other company executives held a grand opening for the company’s new headquarters in Pleasant Grove, just off Pleasant Grove Boulevard. The 50,000-square-foot facility is less than a mile from the company’s production facility, built in 2013. Between the two buildings, the company now has the capacity to significantly grow in employees and global reach.
Asea manufactures and markets cellular health products, and in less than 10 years, the company has expanded from a handful of employees to an internationally-known direct sales company. Asea is now operating in more than 30 international markets, with more than 65,000 active distributors across the globe. Webb said the company plans to focus on opening areas in Asia over the next few years. The company already has a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore, and recently announced plans for Taiwan, Thailand and the Phillippines.
“Our vision is to become a global leader in cellular health, and this building represents a significant beginning in Asea’s chapter of realizing that


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