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Nerium International Introduces Its Latest Breakthrough – Prolistic Probiotic Products

Global relationship marketing company Nerium International is proud to welcome Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins powder packets and Prolistic™ Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology to its innovative product portfolio.
This new line of Prolistic products expands Nerium International’s holistic approach to creating wellness and age-defying products crafted from cutting-edge research and science.
“Probiotics are well known in the supplement industry for helping with internal digestion and the knowledge of how this technology has spilled over into the skincare space is something we definitely wanted to tap into with our new Prolistic collection”
said Nerium International Founder and CEO Jeff Olson.
“Since we launched in 2011, we have remained focused on creating products powered by our exclusive ingredients and validated by science. Nerium International’s new Prolistic line is a great addition to our product family,”
said Olson.
Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins
The new Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins powder packets allow you to optimize the health of your digestive system and support your overall immune system function with essential nutrients.*
Packaged in individual packets for on-the-go convenience, Prolistic Probiotic Powder is poured directly into the mouth — no water or mixing needed. Prolistic Probiotic Powder is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, without added sugars, non-GMO, and vegan.
Key Benefits:

Provides essential vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics*
Helps support overall immune