USANA Opens $40 Million Manufacturing Site In China

USANA Health Sciences on Tuesday celebrated the grand opening of its 350,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Beijing.
The $40 million complex will produce nutrition supplements for Mainland China, one of the company’s top markets. Since 2014, when construction began at the site, USANA’s sales in Greater China have increased more than 40 percent.
“There were many back orders and we wanted to increase the supply to satisfy the demands in China,” Brent Neidig, USANA Vice President of China Strategic Development, said in a company announcement.
During the past two years, USANA has navigated China’s complex regulatory process to secure 12 separate building licenses. The plant initially came online last fall, operating at limited capacity. Now fully up and running, the Beijing site can produce 1.2 billion tablets each year, as much as USANA’s Home Office


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