Zeek Rewards Scam Pays Out Yet Another $89 Million

The receiver for defunct ZeekRewards.com said Thursday he has made a third distribution to victims of the Ponzi scheme, this time for $89.2 million.
Kenneth Bell said 112,734 checks were mailed July 31. The distribution raises to $246.05 million the amount that Bell has released from the ZeekRewards estate since September.
Bell said he was not able to distribute an additional $46.24 million because about 35,400 potential recipients still have not completed their eligibility requirements, such as electronically signing the legal release and certification required by court orders.
Bell said most victims who are qualified for reimbursement would get a check.
Bell raised his projection of what the average recipient should get from 60 percent reimbursement to approaching 70 percent. The next distribution, if possible, is set for Oct. 31.
In August 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


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