Vince Reed – Top Internet Marketer Interview

Vince Reed from Los Angeles, California, USA is the founder of My Internet Traffic System – the Home Business Training System for top earners.
After not being able to sponsor a single person into his first network marketing business for 6 months, Vince Reed created a system that allowed him to personally sponsor over 1,232 people personally. That same organization grew to over 20,000 distributors.
After this success, Vince decided to create a lead generation training company to teach other online marketers, direct sales reps and network marketers how he did it.  It was important to him to prove that a business model that was built on home meetings and talking to friends and family could also work using the internet.
Knowing that most traditional network marketers are not the biggest fans of internet marketers because most seem to over complicate things, Vince was determined to keep it simple. That is why he launched (MITS) in November of 2013. MITS has generated millions of dollars in revenue and pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions every month to over 3,000 members.
Vince Reed now speaks at some of the best live events in the industry and even hosts his own events


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