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Valentus 3 Years In Business $32+ Million In Annual Sales

Three short years ago on July 21, 2014 Valentus shipped its first product order, now on its three year anniversary the company has shipped over 50 million sticks of product and streaked past annual sales of $32 million in 2016.
The owner, founder and CEO, Dave Jordan was very successful in network marketing but at the same time profoundly disappointed at what he saw and what he experienced.
He loved the industry but was turned off by how distributors were treated. Dave realized he had the skills of a distributor and the skills of a business owner so he decided to start his own company that harnessed the power of network marketing industry.
But Dave started Valentus with passion and  integrity.  His guiding light, his keystone was, “the love of his distributors”.  To Dave his distributors are family and must be treated with the respect, dignity and love they deserve.
When Dave launched Valentus with his wife Joyce it was with a business plan that called for sales of $100,000 in 2014, $1,000,000 in 2015 and $3,000,000 in 2016.  Now the company has far exceeded Dave’s original expectations.
From July 2014 to January 2015, the company generated over $300,000. In 2015 with the addition of


Steve Carter Achieves Double President At World Global Network

In record-breaking time, Steve Carter hit the prestigious position of Double President in WOR(l)D Global Network and is now among only a few people in the history of the company to have accomplished this within the first couple weeks of joining.
Steve has generated a half million in revenue in his first cycle of business.
Steve Carter states:
“Having been a leader in the network marketing profession now for over 20 years, and having earned millions of dollars in my career, the way I approach every aspect of business and every aspect of my life is with well-thought-out calculation, due diligence, and execution.
With that said, even with me having immediate success in this company, I still waited to do this article so that I would be able to speak from the heart and with authenticity about what I see and feel. That time has come.
I have far too many people that trust my judgment and decisions for me to take any business decisions lightly, especially in the case where many people are looking for their leader to make the kind of decisions that will impact thousands of other people’s lives. Our industry is about sharing real opportunities of hope and possibilities with others.


Direct Selling Industry Present For USA Government

On July 19, DSA’s Diversity and Empowerment Council hosted a briefing: “Direct Selling: Providing Growth and Opportunity for Hispanic Americans” on Capitol Hill.
The event featured direct selling company executives and an independent distributor, who discussed the significant impact of Hispanics on direct selling and how the business keeps evolving due to what is the fastest growing demographic in the United States.
DSA Executive Vice President Adolfo Franco opened the event with an overview of direct selling, the role of DSA, and the positive impact direct selling has on Hispanic consumers and salespeople.
Theresa Flores, Manager, Public Affairs, Mary Kay introduced the event’s panel and reinforced the strength of Hispanic representation in direct selling. Recent DSA research figures show that of the 20.5 million people involved in direct selling in 2016 as buyers, sellers, or both, some 22% are of Hispanic ethnicity. Hispanic American buying power is $1.7 trillion.
Beatriz Aguirre-Gutai, VP of Sales & Field Development for Shaklee, described how Latinos constitute the youngest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. She also touched on how direct selling affords first generation Hispanics the opportunity to develop skills and become assimilated into the country, and how new technologies have made communicating easier