Starbit International October Sales Up 358%

October numbers are astonishing for start-up Starbit International, on the market since May 2017. Starbit, a customer based company, experienced +358% in sales in October.
Luana Sicari, Chief Sales Officer stated:
“Starbit’s Mission is spreading around the world thanks to the incredibile efforts of the whole team. Directors, management and team leaders working for the same goal: building the biggest community of blockchain services users around the world.
Some may think these guys are crazy, we all know the journey is not easy but exciting enough and we having fun! WalkyBit Information App gave us the chance to have an incredible impact on people lives. This is one of the main reasons for this incredible worldwide growth.
Hundreds of new qualified Sapphires, tens of new Rubies and Emeralds. New Diamonds and leaders such as Gianvito Ricciardone (Italy) and Tarik Zia (Pakistan) and a great story to tell by the new Blue Diamond Joseph Nicolson Friedrich from Haiti looking for freedom.
We have incredible success stories to tell, and much more to be written in the next future. We are proud of our leaders, and of each promoter in the world.”
Which is the key to WalkyBit Information App that is creating this success?
“Starbit created a new


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