Global Intellect Service Turkey Tour Attracts Many Attendees

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. It has already established a firm position in the Russian and international markets.
Global Intellect Service sticks to the annual field events plan that includes ‘The results of the year’ ceremony, company’s birthday party, fall and spring special events. These occasions serve as a key synchronization point between partners of the company.
Each event organized by Global Intellect Service is truly unforgettable, so we learn something new, getting filled with positive emotions, share our ideas and plans.
The fall event called ‘TurkeyGISTour2017’ isn’t an exception.
This time it was held in a friendly atmosphere at one of the best 5* hotels of the Mediterranean Sea coastline within the period from 4 to 7 October 2017.
The guests were amazed by its splendor and comfort as well as by its picturesque location. During the event days Global Intellect Service makes each participant feel free from a daily routine, get closer to the team and reconsider visions on business and life activities. High qualified business coaches and trainers help us in achieving those goals.
As a part of TurkeyGISTour2017 the Training session by Alex Olimskoy took place. Alex is known as a business coach and Global Intellect Service’s leader in


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