Vasayo Picks i-payout To Provide Global Payment Management Services

i-payout, a leading financial software company that facilitates global payouts and provides related payment management services, announced today that it has been retained by Vasayo – a 6 month old force in direct selling that is already looking like the next big thing in that space.
“One of the key factors in our selection of i-payout was their unique ability and willingness to customize their software solution to meet our needs.  i-payout has helped get us off to a great start” said Fred Black, Vasayo’s Chief Operations Officer.
Eddie Gonzalez, President and C.E.O at i-payout spoke about the customizations Mr. Black was referring to.
“We’re accustomed to making alterations to our platform integrations to meet the business needs of our clients. But Vasayo threw a new wrinkle at us – they needed to segregate brand partner accounts into segments defined by their earned commission levels.
We made it happen and we also created reporting tools that enabled Vasayo to look at their distributors’ level of activity with macro and micro views. We like being problem solvers for our clients –  many of them came to us for solutions that their previous partners couldn’t provide. Customization is our built-in competitive advantage” concluded Mr. Gonzalez.
Vasayo plans


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