Interview With Iulian Cimbala OneLife Top Earner

Iulian Cimbala is part of the successful network marketing team Success 4 All led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala and is ranked number 39 in the Top Earners rating with earnings of more than 250,000 per month.
That means: he is among the fifty most successful people today in this business all over the world. In addition, he recently has managed to reach the Blue Diamond rank enjoying one of the best moments of his career.
And all this without even having reached the age of thirty. He has a unique and genuine enthusiasm for this industry and also the necessary skills to manage part of Success 4 All in several European countries in a very successful way.
Today, in this interview, Iulian himself lets us better understand his success through his own experience and his vision of network marketing.
You stand out for your young age and solid success. You are already a mentor at the age when other people only begin to discover that there are other alternatives. Do you think it’s as an advantage or as a disadvantage?
I definitely see it as an advantage, because I have more time available in my life to spend it on inspiring and


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