The Most Popular In-House MLM Trainer Poll – 2014

Business For Home is organizing the The Most Popular In-House MLM Trainer Poll – 2014.
In-house trainers have the advantage of knowing the company first hand, often it are Top Earners, or Field Leaders with a proven record, sometimes CEO’s / founders.
An in-house trainer is a specialized skill development position in a company where the goal is to help improve the performance of the distributors. Motivators “pur sang”. Speaking in front of thousands.
An effective in-house trainer can remove Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (The FUD factor) and is extremely valuable to the organization.
They are more likely to have a long-term relationship with the organization and continue to support skills improvement over time.
Please vote for your favorite The Most In-House MLM Trainer for 2014.
The poll will close October 15
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Nominated are over 100+ Top MLM In-House Trainers
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Did we miss your In-house trainer?
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(Maximum we list is 2 in-house trainers per company)

Preliminary nominees (without any particular order)


Holton Buggs
Organo Gold 
Mark Smith
Nerium International
Nick Sarnicola
Tom Alkazin

Bob Reina
Talk Fusion
Matt Morris
World Ventures
David Moses
Ramin Mesgarlou
Global Wealth Trade



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