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Bode Pro Implement A New FTC Compliant Commission Plan

In recent years, the $32 billion domestic direct selling industry has been under fire by the media and regulatory agencies over what constitutes a legitimate business enterprise.
Established companies are now scrambling to remain compliant, as new guidelines are being created on the fly and passed-down by the government.  Meanwhile, the new start-up Bode Pro, founded by Top CEO BK Boreyko has just released a commission plan that silences the media and satisfies regulators, while attracting four major marketing channels.
A 2.0 update to its recent March launch, the Bode Pro Commission Program adopts a modern day design and is the ‘first of its kind’ to effectively address the four major marketing channels: retail, Internet, network and influencer marketing.
This ‘plan for the future’ incorporates the latest regulatory guidelines, while creating an environment in which independent influencers can thrive in marketing some of the finest and creative wellness products available anywhere in the world.
“The first 6 to 12 months of any start-up is really its prelaunch—the period when marketing strategies are refined and any tweaks to the business plan can be made to produce faster results,”
says Bode Pro CEO, BK Boreyko.
“We’ve already assembled a well-seasoned and extremely talented group of international field