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Christian Science Monitor On New Face Of Direct Selling

Christian Science Monitor features a story on the new face of direct selling with companies like Stella & Dot, Jamberry, and Scentsy that are drawing in women, squeezed more than ever by competing work and family pressures. Their appeal lies in the promise of flexible income streams, creative fulfillment, and less rigid boundaries between work and leisure.
“Welcome to my first official ONLINE Jamberry Nails Party!” the message read. My friend Sarah had joined up with Jamberry (think Avon for durable press-on manicures), and she was kicking things off with a Facebook shindig, inviting about 30 of her friends to browse Jamberry’s vast inventory of nail decals and adorn their fingertips with chevron patterns, rainbow polka dots, or the logo for their favorite college football team. In return, she gets a discount on