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Founder Of Empower Network Ex-CEO David Wood Speaks Out

Network Marketing Legend David Wood, co-founder and ex-CEO of now bankrupt Empower Network, once a thriving $60 Million business, who ended up in a rehab clinic, published a lengthy article on his personal facebook to come clean with the world: 
David Wood:
“I used to be so full of shit, and in love with myself and my own self-constructed nonsense. For example, I’d login to Facebook all through the day, desperately checking how many “likes” my last or next photo would get—as if someone liking my bullshit was that person actually giving me a hug after a cup of coffee together, saying: “David, I like you.”
Or I’d be at an event, and the truth is I always have believed in people, but really there was a 50/50 mix where I was so desperate to have someone believe in me that I’d look at them hypnotically in the eye and say: “I believe in you…” …desperately seeking for them to say: “I believe in you too, Dave.”
 Because I needed their pity and fake love desperately. I needed them puffing me up in my own self-constructed cloud to survive in my imaginary universe I created without any real touch or feeling in it, keeping myself alone and disconnected from everything