Mynt Records $3 Million In Product Sales Since Pre-Launch

Mynt announces that it has surpassed $3 million in product sales since its April 19 pre-launch. The official launch of mynt is currently set for January 2015 in North America.
“One of the ways mynt is doing things right is through its culture of having fun and unique sense of community,” says Brandon Carter, director of mynt. “Many of the standard and time-tested network marketing practices—such as holding in-person or virtual meetings with team members—are certainly intact with mynt, but the atmosphere is completely different. It’s fun, casual and comfortable, but it also gets results.”
As evidenced by its product sales and an increasing number of brand promoters joining the company, the mynt products and compensation plan are being well received. 
mynt does things differently to get different results. One way they do this is through “mynt moments.” “mynt moments are our humanitarian deeds and acts, and it’s the biggest part about what mynt is as a network marketing company,” says Carter. “All over the country, every single day, people are participating in these random acts of kindness. In fact, we encourage everyone to see what they’re all about by searching the hashtag #myntmoments on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.” Most of all, mynt