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FTC In South Korea Reveals Average MLM Incomes

The South Korea FTC released information on the country’s multi-level direct marketing companies and their distributors.
Distributors at Amway in South-Korea made an average of 770,000 won ($760)  last year, data by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) showed Tuesday.
According to the data, the number of such companies has been growing steadily, to 106 last year from 67 in 2010.
These companies recorded 3.9 trillion won in combined sales last year, up 19.9 percent from the previous year.
They paid their distributors 1.3 trillion won as commission, but the income was concentrated on only a handful of them ? while the top 1 percent of the active distributors were paid on average 56.6 million won for 2013, the remaining 99 percent made 469,000 won on average.
The number of those who got commissions was 1.3 million, or 22 percent of the total registered as distributors at these multi-level direct sales companies.
Among the multi-level direct marketing companies in the country, Amway Korea is the biggest, with 1.1 trillion won in sales and 1.1 million distributors last year.
Among them, 456,797 got sales commissions totaling 353.3 billion won ? an average of 770,000 won each.
Herbalife in Korea, ranked as the second-biggest player in the industry, with 568.3 billion


Amber Witt Onstine – Isagenix Hits 2 Star Golden Circle

Amber Witt Onstine distributor for Isagenix achieved the rank of Crystal Executive on July 1.
Just one week later, Amber promoted to 1-Star and then again to 2-Star in the same week.
Amber stated:

I keep pinching myself that I am doing this business while I’m at the pool, park, or beach and that I’m able to bring others with me to create total physical and financial freedom! This FEELS AMAZING to empower others.

Her enroller Michael Clouse stated:

That’s an income between $56,160 to $109,512 per year!
So how did this extremely busy wife and mom of four kids under the age of 12 accomplish this impressive goal?
As I wrote less than a week ago, Amber has a BURNING DESIRE to succeed! Her passion is contagious, her determination is outrageous, and her commitment is second to none!
From the moment I met Amber, I knew she was going straight to the top of our company.
Whatever was thrown at her, whatever she needed to do, whatever it took, Amber was going to figure it out; she was going to go over it, around it, or through it…and she did just that! Well done, Amber.
You are a true inspiration to anyone who knows


John and Tiffaney Malott – Seacret Direct Top Earners Interview

John and Tiffaney Malott are Seacret Direct Top Earners and have been recognized as Seacret Direct’s first Crown Agents, earning a $250,000 rank advancement bonus and $4,000 a month car bonus in september 2013. The power couple lives both in Phoenx Arizona, as in Mexico.
SEACRET is an international business that has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe. With its affiliate partners, it has more than $1 billion in retail product sales.
The company has become one of the largest distributors of Dead Sea cosmetics, with its products formulated in the largest manufacturing plant in the world, right next to the shores of the Dead Sea. All of this has been accomplished in just the few years since SEACRET was born in 2005.
Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview John and Tiffaney Mallot.
John and Tiffaney, how did you get involved into the Network Marketing industry?
Tiffaney: I was working as a supervisor at the J.M.Smucker company in Memphis, TN. I was looking for a way to make an extra $500/week without getting a second job because I was already working 60 hours a week. I took a trip with my younger sister and I met a gentleman that had


TelexFree Co-Owner Asks Courts To Release $4M For Legal Costs

Facing steep costs to defend himself against a criminal fraud charge, TelexFREE co-owner James Merrill has asked a federal court to release more than $4 million of his money so he can pay his legal fees.
While the Ashland man’s attorney’s 8-page motion doesn’t mention where that money came from, Merrill argues it’s the responsibility of U.S. prosecutors to prove the funds are related to their charge against him, which stems from his alleged role atop what they say was an international pyramid scheme.
“Certainly, the government is in no position to challenge the contention that extraordinary funds are necessary to defend the instant prosecution,” Boston-based lawyer Robert Goldstein wrote in the Tuesday filing in U.S. District Court in Worcester. “Indeed, at the original bail hearing, the government not only argued this was not ‘a typical white-collar case,’ but it proceeded to argue that it ‘is probably the largest financial fraud being prosecuted in the United States currently…'”
Merrill specifically identifies five accounts he hopes to draw from to fund his defense: two held in Merrill’s name containing $79,684.28; two in Merrill’s and his wife Kristin Merrill’s names containing $4,090,085.97; and one in the name of his cleaning company, Cleaner Image Associates, containing $10,643. All of those accounts were frozen by the