Vintzent And Yolande Van Der Linde Achieve Platinum Presidential Director At Mannatech

Vintzent and Yolande van der Linde are second generation network marketers from South Africa.
Vinzent parents Louis and Leone Van Der Linde are Star Platinum leaders at Mannatech.
Mannatech, global developer of advanced nutritional supplements and a Top 100 MLM Company, has implemented, a new, state-of-the-art global seamless compensation plan which is expected to deliver record-setting growth and new momentum for its independent sales Associates all over the world.
In the last year, Mannatech has reshaped itself with a rebrand and the introduction of a variety of consumer-friendly products in some of the fastest growing market segments in the direct selling distribution channel.
And as of July 1, it has completely overhauled its compensation plan with one that offers a business model built on compliance, simplicity, and incentives for proper Associate behaviors that will build long-term and profitable businesses.
“Our new compensation plan is easy to understand and share while giving our Associates a clear path to building successful and sustainable businesses,”
said Alfredo “Al” Bala, CEO and President of Mannatech.
Van Der Linde Family With CEO Alfred Bala
“Mannatech is widely recognized for having the highest quality, science-backed products, and now our opportunity will match our products.
Our new compensation plan will make sure those


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