Starbit International +54% New Customers Worldwide

Starbit International has launched a new revolutionary Blockchain project, which allows ordinary people to access knowledge in the world of Blockchain and crypto currencies, through a theoretical and practical course that also includes an innovative automatic software able to work with multiple platform and any altcoin on the market.
Starbit International is growing fast and implements a top quality customer service company to support the worldwide expansion.
After the great and growing success of Walkybit , the unique worldwide Information App rewarding users for their healthy movements, Starbit is experiencing an incredible Momentum: + 27% of new Promoters in 58 countries of the world and + 54% of new customers  in 30 days.
“A high level support system is necessary in such a great moment in Starbit” says Giovanni Lionetti, Finance and Administration Director “We added a new important milestone in the building of a solid growing company.”
Recent market studies have proven that an outstanding customer service can help the business to grow. Starbit is a customer-based company.
Customer service, by definition, is about serving people; it should be genuine, personalized, and compassionate—or, simply put, human. The customers are the reason a company exists: serving and retaining them is essential. This is even true for Network Marketing


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