Mike King Achieves Triple Diamond Rank With Valentus

Mike King joined Valentus in the spring of 2015 and has reached Triple Diamond. He loves the way Valentus products have changed the way he feels about his future.
Opportunity can come at the most unexpected times and places. While at his sons goalie training. Mike noticed Valentus’ Ted Wilson  doing work in the bleachers when their sons were at a hockey camp.
A simple conversation turned to an opportunity to help with health and time freedom, an offer Mike couldn’t refuse and was definitely searching for.
“Ted said everything right and introduced me to the products.The products turned into a passion that I wanted for my friends and family,” Mike says. “That grew into a profitable, successful network marketing business that eventually gave me time freedoms to enjoy the people and things that make me smile.”
For the past 20 years, Mike has serviced power lines around Alberta, Canada, as the owner of Ultra Power Construction Ltd. The Vegreville, Alberta resident has spent years working outside often in cold, windy and harsh conditions. The company ran him rather than him run the company. He says the concept of leverage and residual income that Valentus offers is unmatched in traditional business in his opinion.
“I have lost


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