Wrapshell Alderson Achieves Triple Diamond Rank At Valentus

Wrapshell Alderson from  Palo Cedro, California, USA achieved the top rank of Triple Diamond At Valentus, this is what she has to say about her journey:
“The network marketing industry opens an unimaginable universe of relationships.
The personal connections are not limited by borders, ethnic backgrounds, educational attainment, economic or professional status”.
A leader in this industry Valentus has created a supportive team of confident, passionate, emotionally open, respectful, disciplined and happy individuals.
I was first introduced to the network marketing industry over 5 years ago while selling Real Estate in California. The products, and services in Real estate and multi-level marketing companies have similar demands and opportunities.
But the opportunities and possibilities with Valentus are by far the most rewarding physically, emotionally, financially, psychologically, and spiritually.
I was offered the opportunity to be an independent distributor for both the Valentus weight loss products and business opportunities in July of 2015. I joined the business a week later.
Within 90 days I reached my personal weight goals. Soon after, I achieved the leadership rank of Diamond and 10 months later, I reached the Triple Diamond level. 
Valentus provided me the opportunity to create an income and standard of life that few businesses can offer.
With Valentus, I


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