VABO-N Launches – APEX Weight Loss And Muscle Building Nutrition Supplement

VABO-N was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Martin and Nina Dvoracek. After VABO-N ESSENTIALS and VABO-N FIERCE they now launches their new product with focus on weight loss and muscle building: VABO-N APEX.
End of September, VABO-N invited to the annual convention in Vienna. In addition to the founders and CEOs, Tomasz Stanislawski (VABO-N CSO) and hundreds of brand ambassadors came to be join the event. The focus of this convention was the product launch of their new product: VABO-N APEX.
VABO-N APEX is a nutrition supplement with collagen peptides, soluble fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
In its composition VABO-N APEX is unique.
No other product in the world contains 18 g of collagen peptides. The specific composition of two different types of collagen peptides provides properties that cannot be found in other protein sources. Studies conducted with these collagen peptides show that muscle growth increased significantly and the fat mass reduced significantly.
VABO-N APEX also contains 7 g soluble fibers, vitamin C, blood orange extract, green tea extract, guarana extract, chromiumpicolinate, vitamin D and B-vitamins. The combination of high-quality ingredients supports muscle building and muscle regeneration, serves protein-energy, promotes fat loss, is an ideal joint protection and supports the connective tissue (tight skin!) and


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