Jeff Mack International Network Marketing Expansion Expert

Many MLM companies are looking for an expert to expand global, Jeff Mack is an expert in this field.
Jeff went from being a salaried employee a Civil Engineer to an internationally known entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, an author, building businesses in 11 countries, resulting in $100 Million in career total organizational sales.  Jeff lives in Mooresville with his wife Anna and his daughter and has a big passion for healthy lifestyle.
Nearly twenty-five years ago, Jeff was introduced to the world of the Direct Sales industry and saw what was financially possible to achieve and how anyone could win BIG. He was frustrated with his career as a civil engineer when he saw he would be chained to the office with no freedom to design the life he has truly desired. That was the defining moment in his life that changed the direction of his professional career.
He pursued business endeavors in the MLM industry and was fortunate to transform his lifestyle. He always worked with people who never settled for less and became a powerful leader.
“I’ve watched Jeff Mack grow from being just a very intelligent engineer to being a profoundly effective leader internationally.
His abilities to grow himself and to


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