Carl Amery – British Sergeant Major Quit Army For Full Time Network Marketing

Carl Amery from the United Kingdom and a Recommended Distributor, stepped down from his army career, for full-time network marketing.
He is known as the MLM mentor and has developed an Generic MLM app that acts as your personal Network Marketing assistant that you carry with you everywhere on your smartphone or tablet. (Both for Android as iOS)
It gives you immediate quick access to proven scripts to some of the most common issues people face every day whilst running their Network Marketing business.
This is what he had to say about his bold step:
“I joined the British Army in 1999 at the age of 16 with the ultimate goal of going all the way to the top serving a full 22 years career. By the age of 31 I had promoted to Sergeant Major WO2 (average age of this rank 38), served in many worldwide locations and was moving through the ranks very swiftly.
My path was pretty much mapped out for the next 15 years in 2015 where I was expected to reach the Rank of Captain by 2019 and extend my service until the age of 55.
Life was good, and things were going fairly well. We were stable and very secure.


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