Like Father Like Daughter: Total Life Changes National Director Jacqueline Birchfield

Four years ago Jacqueline Birchfield of Fort Wayne, Indiana was deeply unhappy. At 21, she was a single mother of a one year-old, in denial of being overweight despite her usual dress size being higher than her age.
She avoided mirrors and the feminine clothes she had previously favored, refused to leave the house except for essentials.
“I was working for a company that timed our bathroom breaks,” Jacqueline recalls. “If we took more than three and a half minutes we were subject to discipline.”
There’s no telling how long matters might have gone on this way for Jacqueline if fate, in the form of her father Phillip’s new business venture, hadn’t interceded.
“My father has worked in multi-level marketing for over 20 years, and while he always managed to provide for us, he somehow never really got ahead. So when he started talking about this new company Total Life Changes, I didn’t really pay it any mind at first.” It wasn’t long though before she began to realize that TLC was something different.
“My father has sworn up and down that he was going to lose weight my whole life, but it just never happened,” says Jacqueline. “I think it has a lot to


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