Starbit International Announces The Side Margin

Starbit announces the usage of a new multilingual online automatic webinar system, that promoters can use as a new resource designed to support current and aspiring business owners.
The core message is about this opportunity represented by Blockchain, that is defined as a “Side Margin”, one of those incredible waves that happen 2 times in the course of a century, and will have a huge impact on people’s lives.
This program is available in english and italian, and is under translation in other languages.
“One of the greatest benefits to being as a Starbit promoter, is that you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself,”
says Francesco Giampieri, Compliance Director at Starbit International.
The use of a system to promote the business grants that all distributors speaks same language and follow same rules and allows instantly anyone to work from home worldwide. We thank some distributors for their commitments in providing such powerful tool to help people to have a vision.
“A huge benefit to joining Starbit is that you gain access to information and the core concept of our mission of empowering people, helping everyone to “learning by doing” so that everyone can start building a business, manage leadership skills, leverage social media,


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