Cathy Lau Achieves $1.2 Million In Career Earnings With Allysian Sciences

Sitting in her penthouse suite overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, Cathy Lau, recalls her first experience with network marketing.
At the age of 27, Cathy was looking for something that can help her pay for the debt accrued from a failing business. Half believing in the industry and half looking for an easy way out, Cathy joined one of the biggest companies in the industry.
“I was destined to fail.  Although I had a good reason to do the business, I had no skills whatsoever” says Cathy.  And so she did fail.  Like most people who enter the industry, Cathy failed at her first and second attempt.
But unlike most people who failed in network marketing, Cathy didn’t blame the company, the products or the industry.  She knew the industry and the companies she joined worked because so many other people made money in them. “So why not me?  Why can’t I be one of those top income earners” she asked.
After some reflection, Cathy pinpointed that success doesn’t come easy; it requires hard work, dedication and, a lot of times, failure before achieving success. “It’s like watching a love story at the age of 7 but not truly understanding what


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