Dominican Entrepreneur José Herrera Achieves National Director Rank With Total Life Changes

Latin America has become one of TLC’s top emerging markets, and few are more emblematic of that success than José Herrera. Born and raised in the city of Higüey, Dominican Republic, José joined Total Life Changes in June 2015 with no prior experience in network marketing.
A husband and father of four, José dreamed of providing his children Jessica, José Ángel, Jhendry Abigail and Sara Liz with a first-class education so that they would have no limits on their own dreams.
Interestingly, it was actually José’s wife Jhendry who signed up for TLC first, seeking to lose weight and improve her diet by using healthier products. When the couple’s sponsor, Julio Lama, explained the TLC business model to José, he immediately saw more potential to the concept than a few lost pounds.
“I’ve been a successful traditional businessman,” says José, “And I was happy with the level of success I’d achieved. But when I considered TLC’s compensation plan and tried their incredible products, I knew I was onto something much bigger.”
The first 48 hours are traditionally the biggest challenge for new TLC Independent Business Owners (IBOs), but they’re also a way of proving one’s mettle. “It wasn’t easy to make the mental transition


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