Youngevity Adds Four New Cyber Products To Service Division Offering

Youngevity International, a leading direct lifestyle company revealed that it is expanding the offering of its Service Division by entering into four new contracts that widens its offering to include Identity Theft Protection, Credit Monitoring, Virtual Tech Support and Data Storage.
These services will be offered individually and in various combinations to give distributors and customers options and price breaks.
Youngevity launched its Services Division last year through an acquisition of David Allen Capital which represents a variety of lenders that provide capital to small businesses. Since being acquired by Youngevity in April of 2016 David Allen Capital has arranged $8 million of loans to small businesses throughout the United States.
On the success of David Allen Capital the services division quickly expanded into Telemedicine via the launch of Youngevity Telecare and shortly added Youngevity Cart Ripple which is an app based shopping assistant that allows its users to earn cash back while finding the most economical prices on line.
“Our goal is to provide a full lineup of business and residential services that will either introduce simplicity and convenience to our customers or a savings on services they are already using”,
said David Rutz, Vice President of Global Services. ”
“We expect to release


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