Khanya Cakata Represents Total Life Changes’ Exponential Growth In South Africa

Though the Total Life Changes business model and product line originates in the United States, its success has quickly spread around the world thanks to the hard work of entrepreneurs like Khanya Cakata.
A native of Butterworth, South Africa, and current resident of Johannesburg, Khanya was among the first Independent Business Owners in his country to sign with TLC in November 2016. Within a few months, the TLC brand has shown astonishing growth, and thousands of South Africans have been rapidly ascending in the company rankings.
“I’ve known the man who would become my Sponsor, Matthew Harris, since we were children, and we’d always remained in touch through social media,” says Khanya.
“I was in Thailand on holiday when he called me to see if I wanted in on the ground floor with TLC in South Africa. Obviously, you know my answer.”
Khanya describes his first 48 hours with TLC as a “blur.”  Though he contacted over 90 people, only three or four granted him home meetings, and a mere nine signed up with him. As anyone with multi-level marketing experience can tell you, handling 81 rejections is not fun, but Khanya recognized that to succeed he would have to turn that pain into


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