OneCoin Dealshaker Merchant Exhibition In Rumania Visited By Thousands

Last week, the first business fair for merchants oriented to alternative methods of payment was held in Rumania. Specifically, this was an exhibition involving merchants registered on the online trading platform DealShaker.
The DealShaker is an e-commerce platform that supports payments in OneCoins, which also was the preferred payment method for sales at this particular fair organized by OneLife Blue Diamonds Cristi Calina and Marian Grigore.
During the weekend of 2 to 4 June, products that ranged from cosmetics, food, fashion, jewellery, art and some services could be purchased paying half or full of its price in OneCoins. Services, such as limousine rentals or dental hygiene sessions, spread over more than 150 stands throughout the RomExpo in Bucharest.
Thousands of people visited the RomExpo during the three days of the exhibition and bought all types of products. The sales turnover exceeded the equivalent value of more than one million euros.

It is also worth mentioning that over the last week, the DealShaker platform has experienced a significant increase of new registered merchants and new offers published after the success of the 3 Day Kickstart Marathon.
Many merchants present at the fair agreed on how this three-day event helped both promote their own products and popularize


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