Top Leader Enes Olgun Joins Jeunesse

Multi Million dollar earner Enes Olgun, from Istanbul, Turkey, has a team of over 65,000+ members which he has build in 9 years and has earned over $5 million, with months close to $200,000. He was voted several times Top Networker of the year.
An interview with Enes can be found here.
In 2015 –  6,000 people from HIS team attended a generic training with Eric Worre in Istanbul, which was NOT a corporate event.
Before his shining career in network marketing he was a student and had never been engaged in any economic activity before. His family supported him financially.
Enes Olgun stated:

9 years ago when I signed up for my former company, they came to me. Now for the first time in my life I choose with all my experience a company, and


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