Monat Global Sales Up From $19 Million To $41 Million in 2016

MONAT Global Inc., an entirely owned subsidiary of Alcora Corp. and a U.S. based mostly innovator within the Direct Selling and Hair Care industries, has achieved $41 million in sales in 2016.
In October 2014, Monat Global officially opened their doors for business.
“We have accomplished many milestones to-date”, says MONAT’s CEO Rayner Urdaneta, “but our greatest achievements have been helping people reach their goals, regain their self-confidence, and become better entrepreneurs.”
“We don’t just want them to reach the top, we want to equip them to stay on top with the same drive that brought them there”, says MONAT’s president, Stuart MacMillan.
“As we continue to introduce new products, new tools and new rewards, we are reinforcing for our field leaders that they are in the right place at the right time and


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