Jed Buenaluz The Youngest 200K Distributor In XANGO’s History

Jed Buenaluz is not only the youngest person to ever reach the 200K Premier rank at XANGO, he is also one of the fastest people to reach this impressive mark in the organization’s history.
With such drive and success it was only a matter of time before Jed and XANGO would team up for the growth of the organization, and that’s exactly what happened.
A partnership was formed with the objective of introducing XANGO and all its opportunities to millennial generations and beyond on a global level. 
Since its foundation 15 years ago, XANGO has been busy building a solid history in the network marketing sector, becoming an industry-wide reference in the process. XANGO is active in over 40 countries, which grants it the opportunity to attract and further develop the most talented


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