New MLM Company Launches – Lifebrook

Lifebrook promotes America’s indigenous superfood
Led by Midwesterners Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp, a new direct sales company has been launched to promote the aronia berry, a superfood that grows naturally in the northern United States.
Aronia is little known, even among health care professionals, although it has been shown to surpass every other fruit in its antioxidant properties. A chart published by the USDA showed that aronia exceeds acai, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, noni and more than 250 other familiar superfoods in the antioxidants it provides.
During the nineteenth century aronia was transported to Europe, where it is now grown widely for the food industry and wine-making.
Numerous scientific studies have been conducted in university laboratories, proving the benefits of aronia for almost every aspect of human health, including the vascular system, the digestive system, the


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