Bode Pro Launch Massive Success $50 Million In Sales Projected

Most in the industry know of Boreyko’s 20+ year track record as a CEO, 2 start ups with each one exceeding $1 billion USD in total sales. Some say third times a charm and this is one CEO that could use all the charm possible.
3.7 may just be a couple of numbers to most people, but in the world of BK Boreyko, it marks the launch date of his third start up company Bode Pro.
Just a little over 2 months ago, Boreyko announced the launch of a new company with a new approach to network marketing. 65 days later on March 7th, that vision came alive. 
We think everyone with a social media presence has been exposed to influencer marketing. These social media influencers with 1+ million followers allows companies a


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