Taulia Lave – Wor(l)d GN Achieves President Rank

Taulia Lave, from Hawaii is Wor(l)d GN new President.
Nervous about something new but anxious about the possibilities, Taulia Lave often know as “T” came over to World Global Network and has achieved the rank of President in his first week.
As a matter of fact, Taulia broke the record of being the first President in the islands of Hawaii. 
Taulia joined the industry 10 years ago and had his share of struggles along with the successes as an entrepreneur. The industry has allowed Taulia to leave his career as a former law eforcement officer.
When asked for his reasoning on joining Wor(l)d, he replied…
“I was able to speak with Chad and Nattida Chong and I wanted to know their heart. I wanted to know that the people that come into this company have


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