Industry Leader Will Zanders Joins LifeVantage

Relatively new to network marketing, Will Zanders exemplifies that following a system can quickly create success. Just two short years ago, this former lawyer and undercover narcotics agent was working 70-hours per week and living paycheck-to-paycheck.
Network Marketing has allowed him to replace his income and, more importantly, has given him back his time to pursue his passions while helping others achieve their goals. He is excited to join LifeVantage as an independent distributor, and partner with Romacio Fulcher and two of the company’s top earners Tyler Daniels and Marcell Niederhauser.
“Having achieved some success in the industry as an award winning rookie executive, I knew exactly what the ideal opportunity looked like for me. The company had to be publicly-traded, have affordable revolutionary consumable products, a lucrative comp plan, proven leadership, a


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