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LiveSmart 360 – Out Of Business

One of the most important basics for a Direct Selling Company: Does the CEO have MLM – Network marketing field leadership experience?. If not, it rarely will be a succesfull journey….
In March 2015 we reported LiveSmart360 was in trouble: Leaders not paid, vendors not paid, employee lay-offs.
Chuck Hallberg, an investor without MLM field leader experience, and CEO, took over in Early 2014 replacing Founder Mark McCool. Contrary to the statement provided to us by the Company, this transition was not peaceful.
According to an email to the distributors:

“It is with deep regret that we write to formally inform you of the permanent closure of all LiveSmart 360 & Sora Wellness business operations.
We have had a long history within our industry and have forged many friendships and invaluable partnerships around the world; but have since found it impossibly


Juha Parhiala – OneCoin Hits $1 Million Per Month

Juha Parhiala and his business partner Per Karlsson have hit the $1 million per month mark with their OneCoin distributorship. Juha is from Finland and Per from Sweden, Juha resides in Thailand since many years. Their worldwide organisation has $45 million volume per week and OneCoin has worldwide 600,000+ members.
Remarkable, as digital currency MLM OneCoin has started in September 2014, the company is headquartered in Europe with worldwide operations.
Asia is Onecoin’s stronghold, however the company is expanding quickly in Europe thanks to the merger with Conligus in April 2015, who had a massive base there. The Steinkeller brothers, the founders of Conligus are at the $550,000 per month mark.
Juha has build 6 positions and max out 4 of them. In Onecoin he is a Black Diamond with in his downline:

2,000 Saphires
400 Ruby