Winnie & Kat Closes, Merges With La Senorita Jolie

Winnie & Kat, a casual, casual clothing line that used a direct sales model with independent stylists, has closed down. Founded by Diane Prince in her garage in 2012, the Malibu, California based company announced the closing of their virtual doors on July 15, 2015.
Founder and CEO Diane Prince has joined forces with women’s clothing designer and fashion expert Jennifer Dixon to collaborate on a new direct sales company, La Senorita Jolie. Price will oversee product development, marketing and social media at the new company.
The existing stylists of Winnie and Kat will now represent La Senorita Jolie, which also offers contemporary women’s clothing available through home parties, Stylist websites and trunk shows. La Senorita Jolie (LSJ) will also be incorporating many of Winnie & Kat’s core styles into LSJ’s collection.
La Senorita Jolie


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