JM Ocean Avenue Executives, Including CEO, Resign

JM Ocean Avenue released the following memo to their field. 
Effective from today (July 2015), Mr. Timothy James Richerson, Mr. Frederick Ninow, Mr. Gregory Charles Baum, and Ms. Sung Shaing Chaun resigned from all positions from JM Ocean Avenue and no longer service JM Ocean Avenue, or its branches. Meanwhile, these individuals, any personal or business contacts or represent themselves and have no relationship with JM Ocean Avenue. They are not entitled to take following actions on the behalf of Mr. Joe Zhou, Mr. Jacky Zhang, and JM Ocean Avnue. 
1. Signing any agreement or contract relating to JM Ocean Avnue 
2. Release or publicize any information relating to JM Ocean Avenue 
Please be aware JM Ocean Avenue takes no responsibility for any of their future behaviors. JM Ocean Avenue are greatful for their previous contributions


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