4Life Appoints New Chief Scientific Officer

4Life executives recently appoint David Vollmer, PhD, as the company’s Chief Scientific Officer.
Dr. Vollmer joined 4Life in 2013 with more than fifteen years of experience in quality control and analytical laboratory management, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Since joining 4Life, Dr. Vollmer has been responsible for numerous quality processes, as well as the implementation of 4Life’s analytical laboratory which validates the potency, purity, and quality of all 4Life products.
President and CEO Steve Tew: “Dr. Vollmer has made valuable contributions to the quality and integrity of 4Life Transfer Factor® and other 4Life products. I look forward to his leadership as our new Chief Scientific Officer.”
Previously, Dr. Vollmer served as the company’s Vice President of Quality and Analytical Services. In addition to responsibilities that included the 4Life analytical laboratory, he also helped oversee cGMP


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