Vísi Fires Back, Protects Its Partners

In response to this article, Vísi corporate, has send Business For Home the next statement:
“On behalf of Vísi employees and thousands of Vísi Partners worldwide, we feel strongly it is our obligation to respond to and correct the false allegations and erroneous information distributed by former Vísi Partners, Michael O’Brien and Tim Lunsford. 
As a people-oriented company, Vísi will always vigorously defend its Partners, their wellbeing, and their businesses when they come under attack. Consequently, Vísi is currently filing a lawsuit against Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Lunsford for slander, libel, defamation, and other items due to their harmful, inaccurate, and baseless statements.
Vísi purposefully puts policies in place to create an environment of fairness and equality to protect our Partners. Vísi terminated Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Lunsford at the end of July 2015 for


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