Meet ForeverGreen 3-Star, Rolf Krahnert

Rolf was drawn to ForeverGreen because of the company’s vision, global presence, people, products and seamless compensation plan. Rolf feels that all of these features make it relatively simple and easy to build a strong organization and team. It has been his experience that the unique and highly effective products, as well as the company’s message of sharing love, light and happiness, are what really attract the most prospects to ForeverGreen.
When approaching a new candidate for the business, some of the first things Rolf shares about ForeverGreen include:

The highly effective, patented products and new technologies.
The products can be shipped in a cost-effective envelope model to any address in the world.
The opportunities begin at the ground-floor level.
The seemingly limitless ForeverGreen teamwork and support.

Rolf is most impressed by the company’s integrity, vision and the


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