Top Leaders Sue MLM Company VISI Over Business Development Deal

We have asked VISI corporate as Rick Hagar for their side of the story, however have not received yet a response.
Lunsford and O’Brien has send Business For Home the next statement and Youtube:
“Recently promoted Arctic Diamond partners, Michael O’Brien and Tim Lunsford have taken legal action against both Visi Corporate and it’s Master Partner Rick Hagar. They allege a breach of contract for non-performance by Hagar, and collusion by Visi and it’s CEO Kent Lewis to allow Rick Hagar to stop paying O’Brien and Lunsford what they are owed.
Hagar recruited Lunsford and O’Brien to Visi in January of 2014 with promises that he never intended to keep. Hagar along with CFO, Paul Frampton, instructed both of them on how to structure their business so not only Lunsford and O’Brien could have great


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