Total Life Changes Adds Two More Superstars To Its Product Lineup

Total Life Changes is dedicated to providing revolutionary products that provide life-changing results. TLC is closing out the third quarter of business with two innovative products that provide immediate gratification.
Who said you can’t have a shake before bedtime?
Slim PM was first announced in front of more than 3,000 guests at TLC’s HOTLANTA Conference inside the beautiful Georgia International Convention Center. After launching pre-orders at the HOTLANTA Conference, it is now available and shipping fast. Slim PM is the first complete fat-burning L-Arginine in the known universe. Total Life Changes has invested in a superior L-Arginine formula that contains additional active ingredients that prolong the effectiveness of the product. 
Slim PM is a unique, high-quality formulation, synergistically designed to target cardiovascular health by utilizing a combination of anti-oxidant components & L-Arginine to assist in


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