Hai-O MLM Records $35 Million Revenues In Q4

In an environment where the ringgit has depreciated by some 19% over the past one year, wellness and multi-level marketing (MLM) company Hai-O Enterprise Bhd is beginning to be attractive due to its defensive qualities.
With its current dividend yield of around 6%, Hai-O packs a good dividend return for investors. Hai-O has one of the highest dividend yields in Bursa Malaysia, and has a policy of paying out at least 50% of its net profits as dividends.
Managing director Tan Kai Hee says the company has paid out RM 235 million (approx $60 million) in dividends since 1997, an average of 55% yearly. Over the last five years, the dividend payout was on the rise, and had grown by some 11.38% per annum.
Meanwhile its share price has traded within a PE band of 10


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